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Chosen as Case Study by Goldman Sachs

I have completed my course of 10000 women sponsored by Goldman Sachs in the year 2008-09. I got graduated from Indian School of Business which was ranked no 5th in the world that year. 

Further they intended to film in Hubli, to find out more about the different parts of my business -– whether that is finance, marketing, operations, logistics, sales – that I really improved throughout the program, and they could therefore film me speaking about.

7 people team consisting of Mr.Trac from Goldman Sachs, Mr.Ben from Leeds University UK and the shooting team from Delhi arrived at Hubli in the morning and did shooting of my both my businesses, WebDreams, India and 

The purpose of this filming trip is to capture “case studies” from graduates of the 10,000 Women programme. “Case studies” are specific example stories of a business owner’s actions and experiences, which serve to highlight key learning points for others.


Cyber Crime Resolved

Resolved the first cyber crime issue in the city.

It was misuse of debit and credit cards of others to make online payment and get costly mobile phones delivered through online order. With the help of Hubbali and Chandigarh police, the mischief was caught and taken in remand.